This is the best time for you whiskey lovers out there. With classic whiskey varieties these days. New flavors are hitting the shelves with new rands and an influx of new distilleries. You can sip all sorts’ whisking methods for you whiskey lovers to enjoy. There is a cliché in the whiskeys world that still holds ‘There is really something for everyone.

Today we are going to recommend some of the best whiskeys out there that money can buy. So, let’s get started.


The Best Whiskeys Brands of 2021

Rank         Brand                         Category

1                Speyburn                  Best Budget

2                Glen Marray           Best Value

3                Craigellachie            Best entry-level

4                Highland Park         Best for the money

5                Glenlivet                    Best under $50

6                 Glenmorangie         Best Scotch Whiskeys

7                Teeling                       Best Irish Whiskeys

8                Johnnie Walker       Best tasting

9                Oban                          Best sipping

10              Glenfiddich               Best neat

11              Laphroaig                  Best for cocktail

12              Balvenie                     Best for old fashioned

13              Bownore                    Best Single Malt

14              Buchanan’s                Best Blended

15             Bunnahabhain            Top shelf


#1 Speyburn

1. speyburn-bradan-orach-best-whisky
Speyburn is one of the best-selling whiskey brand for men

Speyburn whiskey is easy to sip and features an array of complex combinations which you won’t find in other whiskey brands at this price. Speyburn is one of the best scotch whiskeys when it comes to value for your money. It offers mellow offerings with a satisfying after taste which you’ll surely enjoy alongside scrumptious Green apple, honey, lemon, and vanilla notes.


#2 Glen Maray

3. craigellachie-single-malt-scotch-whisky
Craigellachie is one of the best-selling whiskeys brand for men

Glen Murray whiskey hails from Speyside, Scotland. This is one of Scotland’s most famous distillers, which dates back to 1897, making it one of the most trusted whiskey makers in the world. It may be an entry-level spirit, but it has a lot to offer. Glen Murray is available in various flavors, so every whiskey lover can enjoy one of the finest whiskeys the world has to offer.


#3 Craigellachie

3. craigellachie-single-malt-scotch-whisky
Craigellachie is one of the best-selling whiskey brand for men

Craigellachie is the finest whiskey for both whiskey connoisseurs and men who are just starting. The band released their 13-year-old for new whiskey lovers, and it was an instant hit. This whiskey is known for its neaty flavors, which are full of depth and richness. Newcomers will surely love this because of the whiskey’s original character.


#4 Highland Park

4. highland-park-best-whisky
Highland is one of the best-selling whiskeys brand for men

This distillery is running successfully for the past 200 years. Highland Park whiskey is famous for its personality, reflecting everything from the bottle’s design to its sharp taste. Every whiskeys lover knows that Highland Park whiskeys are the gold standard in scotch. This whiskeys is full of heather-honey flavors which you can’t resist.


#5 Glenlivet

5. the-glenlivet-best-whisky
Glenlivet is one of the best-selling whiskey brand for men

Glenlivet hails from Moray, Scotland. The distillery dates back to 1824 and is still popular among men. Glenlivet’s 12 years old has won numerous accolades and titles, including the ‘The best whiskey in the world tag. Even though it is made in Scotland, it is one of the best-selling malt whiskey throughout the US. Glenlivet retails at $29.99 for 750ml, which is quite accessible for every drinker.


#6 Glenmorangie

6. glenmorangie-grand-vintage-single-malt-whisky
Glenmorangie is one of the best-selling whiskeys brand for men

When you buy a bottle of Glenmorangie, you know you are going to get every worth. Glenmorangie is a household name and has made a name for itself over the years. They have been using the same recipe for over two centuries and still going strong. We gave this whiskey the title of the best Scotch whiskeys because it features the perfect balance of flavors. It offers rich flavors like Vanilla, Oak, Long, and more.


#7 Teeling

7. best-whisky-brands-irish-whiskey
Teeling is one of the best-selling whiskey brand for men

Teeling has found a place on our list because of its innovative approach to whiskey making. This brand started in 1782 and become a hit among whiskey lovers instantly. Teeling’s 24-year-old whiskey is limited to only 5,000, which makes it extremely rare and exclusive. It has loads of eccentric notes like orange peel, chocolate truffle, after which the pineapple and honey flavors hit.


#8 Johnnie Walker

8. johnnie-walker-blue-label-best-whisky
JW is one of the best-selling whiskey brand for men

We are sure you must have heard this brand’s name before. Both experts and starters love Johnnie Walker whiskey. It is said to be one the most widely distributed scotch in the world, and rightly so. This is the perfect whiskey for every occasion with the wide range of whiskeys the brand offers. Blue-label is Johnnie Walker’s best-selling whiskey- it may be expensive but worth the flavors. Whiskey connoisseurs call this whiskey velvet because of flavors like hazelnut, toasted oak, sandalwood, and tobacco.

#9 Oban

9. best-whisky-brands-sipping-oban
Oban is one of the best-selling whiskey brands for men

If whiskey could be eternal, then would it have indeed been an Oban. This small distillery hails from the iconic Scottish Highlands. Oban’s edition single malt is made in Fino Sherry Casks, which uplifts the spirit’s flavor. We highly recommend this whiskey because of its sweetness and minimal price tag, which is really affordable. The whiskey ages for 14 years in Bourbon casks and then the sherry casks for the final stage of aging.

#10 Glenfiddich

10. glenfiddich-bourbon-barrel-reserve-best-whisky
Glenfiddich is one of the best-selling whiskeys brands for men

Glenfiddich seeks to make the best dram in the valley, so you know this whiskey is not messing around. This whiskeys brand is also the world’s awarded single malt beating the fierce competition. Glenfiddich has a minimal price tag, so every drink can enjoy can sip the flavorful whiskeys. The most popular whiskeys are the 14-year-old Amber-gold which is packed with exotic malt flavors with oak, spice, and fruit notes.


#11 Laphroaig

11. laphroaig-cairdeas-triple-wood-best-whisky
Laphroaig is one of the best-selling whiskey brands for men

Laphroaig whiskey is not for the faint-hearted, and we don’t mean that the wrong way. This whiskey is specially made for men who love peaty and smoky flavor whiskeys. If you are one of them, then you should definitely try this. The smoke from Laphroaig’s whiskeys past is so rare that it is only found in Islay Island. This exclusive smoke gives the whiskey its authentic taste and flavor. You can mix this drink with a cocktail to get that sugar-sweet creaminess.


#12 Balvenie

12. the-balvenie-doublewood-best-whisky
balvenie is one of the best-selling whiskeys brands for men

Balvenie whiskeys are made by experts from start to finish which makes them so great. Balvenie’s name is not new in the whiskeys industry as they have been producing premium quality whiskeys since 1962. Their Speyside whiskeys are the perfect choice for a premium after-dinner drink. The drink’s richness stems from the sherry casks during the second distillation. So you should definitely try this one out.


#13 Bowmore

13. bowmore-islay-single-malt-scotch-best-whisky
Bowmore is one of the best-selling whiskeys brands for men

Bowmore merges the two pillars in whiskesy making into one. They combine peatiness and sweetness to make exotic whiskeys. Bowmore has been making whiskeys in Islay, Scotland, since 1779 and uses malts from other islands to produce their premium quality drinks. The brand’s Single Malt Scotch is stored in ex-sherry casks for three years which stirs the flavors.

#14 Buchanan’s ed

14. buchanans-scotch-best-whisky
Buchanan is one of the best-selling whiskeys brands for men

Buchanan is a household name for the past 130 years. The brand is a favorite across the world. The offerings are affordable with complex blends which will leave an impression on your tastebuds. Buchanan is an award-winning whiskey and merges the best flavors from all over Scotland. You’ll get rich notes like chocolate and orange to enjoy as sip this heavenly drink.


#15 Bunnahabian

15. best-whisky-brands-top-shelf-bunnahabhain
Bunnahabhain is one of the best-selling whiskeys brands for men

Bunnahabhain also hails from Islay, Scotland, making whiskeys since 1881. It has won numerous awards across various categories over the years. This premium whiskeys brand is known for its rich flavors and complex blends. With a more in-depth tasting, you’ll find notes of roasted malt, chestnuts, stewed raisins, and mixed spice, which come together to make the perfect whiskeys drinking experience.

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