Skinny Guy Style Tips

So you’re a skinny guy, and you want to appear more buff, and some want to know know skinny guy style tips.


The advice you’ll listen around here is to hit the gym, increase weight, and build flesh. And we agree!


So coming across many skinny guys, we know this can take time.


If you’re anything like most lean guys, you have an insanely fast metabolism that makes it tougher to gain mass and grow muscle. And besides your speedy metabolism, you might also have a restless work schedule and kids to take care of, leaving you less freedom to hit the gym than you’d like.


So maybe you’re already attempting your best to follow that suggestion.

Maybe you’re working out in the gym when you can, trying frantically to gain weight, but you’re not developing the body you want fast enough, and you want to get the most of what you have now.


So what if we told you that you can manifest such an aura and tap into those benefits even before you’ve gathered on the muscle? By wearing the right attire, the proper way, you can build that strong muscular impression even before you’ve beefed up your structure.


Avoid Clothes That Make You Look Weak


The first step in building a stronger impression is to stop dressing clothes that make you appear physically weaker. Your outfit should hang over your body, supporting your frame closely without billowing or tightening anywhere.


You should also pay specific attention to your arms and sleeves. The shoulder joint should sit at your shoulder’s end. When it rests past that edge, you give the illusion that you’re falling. And if your sleeves are too spacious (pirate-sleeve syndrome), you appear like you don’t have significant enough arms to load them out.


Carry the One Item Created to Make You Look Stronger

Did you know you can immediately make yourself appear more buff by carrying one particular item?


We are talking about a jacket — and not your usual windbreaker. We are speaking about a suit jacket, sportscoat, or blazer.


These jackets are designed to emphasize the male form, making you look huskier.




Well, first off, they widen your shoulders. Most of these blazers have stuffing that creates a sharper end where your shoulder normally starts to fall down. This stuffing can supplement about half an inch on each side. And while that might not appear like much, you’d be astonished what a difference it can make.


Wear Various Layers


With each layer you wear, you gain a little bit of size. Each layer on its own won’t reckon much but mingled, they can make quite a variation.


You want to keep a few points in mind, though.


First, you don’t want to just dress several dense layers on top of each other. So no, you can’t just put on three opaque sweaters. While this will certainly make you look bigger, you’ll also end up resembling the Michelin Man.


Rather, you want to layer your outfits from thin to dense and from light to sturdy. Begin with the thinnest fabric and get firmer with each layer you dress on top of it.


Wear Stuff That Adds Bulk to Your Frame


Choosing the best fabric is another easy way to add some visible bulk.

Textured materials, for example, give the illusion of having more size than smooth ones. So look for stuff like:

  • Tweed
  • Flannel
  • Glen check
  • Denim
  • Corduroy

Everything that appears a bit more grinding to the touch will support you have more body mass than you do.


Besides surfaces, you should also look at the density of your knitted outfits.

Stout, thick knits have become quite accepted in recent years, particularly in autumn and winter, which are seasons they’re certainly more suited for. So besides lightweight flannels, you should also have some thick-knit sweaters or cardigans in your closet for casual wear.


The best thing about thick-knit dresses is that they not only are deeper than regular knits, but they’re normally textured as well, which implies you can strike two birds with one stone.


So that was some of our skinny guy style tips.

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