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February 26, 2020


Alice Choi

Sports Jackets give you a fitter, more masculine form regardless of your body appearance. Sports coat style blazers has plenty of pockets to stash your essentials and provide you with a removable layer that supports you adjust to varying temperatures. Perhaps best of all, these adaptable apparel let you look chic and put-together — in a diversity of situations, with a variety of dress codes — without looking too stiff or overdressed.

How many sports jackets does a gentleman need, and what sort of blazers should they be? The quantity really depends on your lifestyle:

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The environment.

Local customs of where you live. 

Your individual style.

How often you have the chance, and merely the urge, to look more desirable both on and off work. With that in thought, today we’ll suggest 3 types of sport blazers that, for a right portion of men, will go for a well-rounded, yet un-bloated closet. Changing seasons call for varying colours and elements in sports jackets, and these 3 will lead you through the entire year, and every kind of situation, in style.

Hopsack Sport Blazer

If you only have one sport jacket, which type should you own?

Many style specialists will suggest a navy blazer as the first, centrepiece of your jacket closet. We disagree, though. Navy jackets are undoubtedly first-class and varied. But we find we really don’t use ours very often. They never seem entirely appropriate for friendly and professional occasions. In our more relaxed society, I think one’s foundational, and perhaps only, sport jacket should be a bit more comfortable. That’s where the hopsack enters.

Brown’s a great shade for this sports coat style, as it’s neutral and varied and pairs excellently with denim. Gray is another good alternative. Consider opting for one in green, if you intend to match it often with khakis and/or trousers. 

Practical and impressive, you’ll notice yourself throwing on your hopsack sport jacket for everything from date night, to a business dinner, to parent/teacher discussions, to your voyages and trips.

Navy Blazer

The navy blazer is an excellent staple to have in your closet. While, just like the other coats on this list, the blazer can be dressed in more casual conditions. It alone can be worn all the way up to the semi-formal and professional business area. The coat isn’t technically a sport coat at all, but its own kind of apparel, separated by a more straightforward, sleeker, softer, “hard-finish” wool material and a more structured fit. 

Lively and masculine, a navy jacket can be worn year-round and goes with just about every outfit. That involves jeans, though the etiquette of the coat doesn’t pair great with denim. If you want to carry jeans, the other blazers on this list would be more suitable choices. For that reason, while fancying plastic or mother-of-pearl buttons that coordinate or complement the colour of the material is suggested if you want to give the coat the most versatility

Solid, Textured Cold Weather Sport Jacket

You could drape a hopsack coat in the winter. But it’s not fitting; not only is the material too light to keep you heated. It won’t complement the heavier-weight pieces you’ll be carrying in colder climate either. That is to say, a thin sports jacket doesn’t look right when matched with thicker, chunkier slacks, sweaters, shawls, etc.

Here we are talking about sports coat style blazers made with a material-like tweed or corduroy. Stuff with substance, warmness, and feel. You can make some exciting designs here – checks, stripes, plaid – but as most men have difficulty even figuring out what to wear with a bold coloured coat, We would suggest getting just that, or a piece with a very subtle, insignificant pattern.

The sport coat style jackets in this level have the same sharp-yet-casual vibe as hopsack jackets. And can be carried in the same kind of conditions; they’re not business wear but more for cultural events and outside-of-work-work situations. They look grand over a sweater or beneath an overcoat; in fact, they can work as your overcoat, if you toss on a pair of gloves and a scarf with sports coat style.

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