Right Watch Dressing For Your Outfit.



Visualize a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie function.

He has dignity, style, and an attitude that grabs everyone’s attention.

He coolly lifts his hand to examine the time . . . on a Cieko calculator wristwatch with a rubber band.

This is the capability of a wristwatch, guys. Like your belt, it’s a tiny accessory that can either crush or build your get-up.

Since men wear minimal jewellery, a wristwatch is a sole expression of their character. Most men favour to own more than one, so they can carry a suitable timepiece to complement their dressing and the etiquette of a particular event.

How do you best make this combo between your timepieces and your clothes?

Pairing the Formality of Your Timepiece With the Formality of Your Attire.

Pairing a Watch Type to a Level of Dress Code Formality

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