Right Watch Dressing For Your Outfit.

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March 10, 2020


Alice Choi

Visualize a man in a tuxedo at a black-tie function.

He has dignity, style, and an attitude that grabs everyone’s attention.

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He coolly lifts his hand to examine the time . . . on a Cieko calculator wristwatch with a rubber band.

This is the capability of a wristwatch, guys. Like your belt, it’s a tiny accessory that can either crush or build your get-up.

Since men wear minimal jewellery, a wristwatch is a sole expression of their character. Most men favour to own more than one, so they can carry a suitable timepiece to complement their dressing and the etiquette of a particular event.

How do you best make this combo between your timepieces and your clothes?

Pairing the Formality of Your Timepiece With the Formality of Your Attire.

  • Dress – Sleek, simplistic, and modern, the dress watch with a bright white face, no complications. The characteristics/extra functions on a timepiece and a thin black leather band are as precise as it gets. A face with hash values and Roman digits, or no numbers at all adds another touch of style.
  • Dive – Originally produced for underwater diving, these timepieces emphasize deepwater protection, metal straps, and a medium-sized face with clear, easy-to-read Arabic numbers or hash signs. Typically comprises a date-only complication or none at all.
  • Racing/Driving– Medium to large in watch dimension, with a large dial wearing clear Arabic numerals, and often dazzling, different colours. Always holds a chronograph, and seldom a date complication as well. The casing is stainless steel; the watch band is metal or leather.
  • Pilot – Created for the cockpit, the pilot wristwatch is average to large in dimension, with an oversized face, clean, distinct numbers, luminescent hands, and a date and seldom a chronograph for the complications. The band is usually leather.
  • Field– Born from the canals of WWI, field timepieces are reliable, practical, versatile watches that are robust enough for working duty. Little to medium in size, with a leather or canvas band, and a dial with easy-to-read Arabic numerals. This Incorporates a date-only complication or none at all.

Pairing a Watch Type to a Level of Dress Code Formality

  • Black Tie/White Tie – Originally, you weren’t supposed to carry a watch to a black-tie affair at all. If you did wear a timepiece, you didn’t reckon to check it publicly. A social event is a time out of time, and you should forget yourself on occasion. That said, a modest, classic dress timepiece with a miniature, minimally decorated face and black leather strap will be viewed appropriately by most everyone these days.
  • Business Dress – For job wear, go with a pure, classic style gold or silver timepiece with a thin face and inadequate or no complications. A dark conservative suit is matched best with a perfect dress timepiece. Some men feel a suit should never be paired with a dive wristwatch. But a less formal/traditional dress certainly can be, if you make it one with a leather band.
  • Sharp Casual – Here we’re revealing button-down shirts, khakis, dark denim, sport blazers (no tie), leather footwear, etc. The kind of stuff you’d carry to a more (but not totally) informal workplace or on a date. Once you’re in this region, large watch dials and timepieces with more complications become relevant. And while these kinds of duds matched with every type of wristwatch mentioned. Best complemented by the more informal pilot, racing, or field timepiece.
  • Casual – With your most informal outfits — polo shirts, chambray button-downs, jeans, tees — all the wristwatch types besides the dress watch will work. If you’re going to be involving in physical movement, you’ll want something that can take a beating, like a field timepiece.

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