Prada RTW Spring 2024

Published on

June 26, 2023


Blaine Martin

The crowd erupted in cheers and oohs as a model wearing a white shirt with a fringed print and black schoolboy shorts walked down the industrial meshed steel walkway. Suddenly, slime started dripping from the ceiling and falling on both sides of the models. This sticky substance looked like something out of a movie, and it slowly drained away, leaving behind a pale green spot. Mrs. Prada then declared that in this time, we need to bring back ideas and fantasy.

Raf Simons and Mrs. Prada created clothes for men for spring 2024 that reminded them of the connection between the rigid runway mesh and the glinting plasma that shot out of and through it. The tailored shape featured wide shoulders, a tight waist, and long sleeves and jacket skirts. The bottom halves had high waists that ballooned around the hips from the navel down to the ankles thanks to large side pleats. This shape was meant to look like the 1940s style of suiting that made heroes look better. Heavy wools from the past were replaced with ultralight wools from the present, and tailored construction was replaced with coats that were as loose as the lightest poplin shirt.

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The collection featured flower shirts with fringe and long sleeves, old-fashioned shirts that had grown so much that they were now full-length coats, loose-fitting denim pants, and multi-pocket work gilets. The faux-fur gilets came back in shades of black and pink, and the shape of the three-button Beuys jacket changed from a tailored piece to something that looked most like a sailing suit. The pockets and flowers were put together on shirts that were pink and a light coffee brown.

The collection was made to excite the brain as much as any other part of the body. It was in line with the newly repressed animal urge that was shown at DSquared2 and Dolce & Gabbana this season. Men’s sexuality, no matter how it looks or feels, is once again flowing through the models of Milan.
The relationship between men and fashion has been undergoing a shift for some time now. Long gone are the days when men shied away from trying out new trends or concepts when it came to style. It seems that fashion house Prada is at the forefront of this new wave of men’s fashion. Not only have they been pushing themselves in terms of their aesthetics, but with their most recent collections, it appears that Prada is taking aim at body enlightenment with their menswear.

Prada is known for its contemporary and unexpected collections and is no stranger to gender fluidity. With their latest menswear line, it appears as though Prada was aiming to accomplish something that feels quite revolutionary – body enlightenment. The clothes carried a message that spoke to the audience, inspiring those who may have felt boxed in by what traditional menswear has to offer to break traditional barriers.

The collection was filled with oversized hoodies, pants, tops and jackets that were designed to be worn both casually and for a more dressed-up look. Prada’s objective was to provide a sense of freedom that is often missing from traditional menswear. By doing this, the brand encouraged men to be more expressive with their style and become liberated from any body constraints they may have felt by traditional menswear items.

Prada is no stranger to pushing boundaries, and with their newest collection, it appears as though they’ve done just that. Through their clothing, they’re not only advocating for diversity in style but also in body expression. This is an incredibly important step forward in the world of menswear, as it gives men the opportunity to express themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin.

At the end of the day, fashion should be about expressing ourselves and letting our inner personalities shine through. Prada is doing an incredible job of endorsing this idea and encouraging men to break away from traditional notions of menswear and embrace a more fluid approach to clothing. Their latest collection is further proof that Prada is at the forefront of men’s fashion and unapologetically paving the way for body enlightenment.


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