How To Style For Sales Pitch

Sales pitch style.-Facebook

Sales pitch style.-Facebook

Style is a -sign: The apparel you wear talks volumes about you long before you open your mouth, and communicates to everyone around you, whether you exchange information or not. Research has conclusively proved that how you outfit not only changes how you perceive about yourself, but how others associate with you as well. So Sales Pitch Style is crucial.

What you want your outfits to “tell” depends on the place and the impression you want to make. Seldom you simply wish to your outfits to convey your character and your general sense of comfort.

Other times, you pick your clothes strategically, to create a particular effect — to give yourself an absolute advantage. For example, you want to drape a specific way to convey authority or to be more productive in a negotiation.

Another time you want to groom strategically is when you’re in a sales position — whether you’re trading in an ordinary way day in and day out or will be rising out of your usual job role to make a pitch. Whether you’re attempting to get investors to buy in, proposing a new product, or merely trying to influence your coworkers of a new idea, you’re selling.

Today we’ll thus unwrap how to dress to be more productive in sales.

“You Should Listen My Pitch” — How to Prepare to Get Your Foot in the Door

Any expert salesman will tell you that most of his sales are created or lost in the first thirty seconds. Your first look counts big time when you’re performing a pitch.

A right sales attire is one that makes people want to hear and listen to you. You do that by looking impressive and well turned-out — individual, but within the rules of your surrounding, which usually means a business or business-casual appearance:

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