If you are fortunate with having voluminous frizzy hair, then you are also doomed with the burden of looking after it regularly. All the frizzy hair men can relate to this tradeoff well. And today we will suggest some tips on how to style and care for long curly hairs

Having a good hair day is close to being nonexistential, and even if it does, the weather turns your voluminous curly hairs into a huge pompous bird’s nest or a saggy, greasy sponge. These kinds of hair need extra attention and far more hair products to keep it maintained regularly.

Here we are going to list some tips and products for the long-curly-hair men out there. These products are hugely popular and not to mention, that include celebrities and models as well.

Haircare and products for long, curly hair

Conditioners and Shampoos

Looking after your curly hair begins with their proper care. The products that freshen and hydrate your frizzy hairs, not just style, and maintain them. 

Long-curly hair men should rinse and condition their hair every third day. This regime reduces the days you go through the arid poofiness shampoo causes. It also lifts natural oil from your scalp to keep them nourished. 

The hair products which you will use should need to address your exact hair type, like bleached hairs or coiled curls and more. Usually, all curly hair conditioners and shampoos have one thing in common. They have added nourishing extracts and which extends the moisture at the end of your curls. 

R+Co curl shampoo

R+Co curl conditioner

You can also do a hair mask therapy after a shower, only once a week. It deep conditions and enrich it with nutrients. Apply it to wet and hair and rinse thoroughly. After that, you can go on with the regular regime. 

While you are taking a shower, you should detangle your hair as thoroughly as possible. It goes along well when wet and your hair are less likely to break or tear.

Tangle Teezer detangling brush

If you prefer to detangle it dry, use a brush or a comb, which will restrict breakage. But we suggest not forcing it­-go along with your hair’s strengths and moving ahead with caution. Consider making it a little wet for detangling it.

Styling products for long, curly hair

 If you are seeking lots of volume and texture, we are pretty sure that you will be using a hairdryer for that. If that’s the case, then apply a heat-protectant spray to your hair first. The spray is like a frizz and humidity shield that avoids your hair from over dehydrating outside. 

Regardless of whether you will blow-dry your hair or not. It’s better to apply a heat protectant first. Here are a few of our recommendations on how to style and care for long curly hairs.

Moroccanoil Heat protecting spray

If you are convinced that you want the volume from a hairdryer, then make sure to add the diffuser attachment at the end of the nozzle. This spray smoothly and evenly disperses the heat to your curls. A good hairdryer will avoid extra damage by letting the cuticle dry inside out. Try this hairdryer. 

Dyson ionic hairdryer + diffuser

If heat isn’t your issue for the day, we would still suggest you employ a primer to your curls. It’s a great product to get you started before you start applying for other stuff. You can always use the same good old anti-frizz heat-protectants, but a primer is another option you can opt for too. 

So that was the list folks, hope you found these style tips useful on how to style and care for long curly hairs.

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