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How to Dress a Polo Shirt With Style

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March 9, 2020


Alice Choi

With Polo Shirt there aren’t too many unique details to know about, but it’s essential to have a knowledge of the kinds of materials it comes in, especially its two main types.

Polos shirt is prepared in a variety of stuff, from natural to artificial. The latter usually make up the performance mixtures used in polos, particularly created for athletic wear. Silk and cotton mixtures are an alternative but are not approved, as they reveal your sweat clearly, lose their hue as they become soggy, and just seem rather cheesy. Polyester or cotton/poly mixtures prolong the life of the shirt but are less breathable, stinky, and low-quality looking.

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Given that polos are most usually a warm-weather staple, pure 100% cotton — with its relaxed, comfortable, breathable qualities — is the most ideal and most recommended stuff for these shirts. Cotton polo shirt comes in two main varieties:



The original polo material, pique, is crocheted in a woven design that lends the substance a textured surface. The stuff has some heft and burden, but the openings in the knitting keep it breathable, and it combats, showing your perspiration. The sleeves typically end in a ribbed band/cuff. With a little more material and structure, the pique polo is a bit more social and professional.



A jersey polo is created from the same kind of material used in t-shirts and has the same even, smooth, light, stretchable feel. The sleeves of a jersey polo shirt tend to end in a plain hem, rather than a separate band. Lighter in substance, the jersey polo is cool but will reveal your sweat more, and is less enduring. Its thinness and relaxed drape also provide it a more easygoing vibe.

Pique and jersey polo shirts each have their own appearance and feel; overall.



When it comes to dressing a polo shirt with fashion, the most notable thing, as it is with all clothing pieces, is to really capture the fit. Here are 2 guidelines to check:



The bottom hem should not go farther than midway down your slacks fly/back pockets — no higher than the pelvis and no lower than a few jots below your waistband/belt; the shirt should be large enough that you can tuck it in and compact enough you can carry it untucked without it resembling like a nightgown.


Sleeves: Should go about midway down your bicep, and run no higher than 2/3 below your upper arm. Overall the shirt should lie close to your body — altered but not too tight. It can be a little closer in your chest and arms and then narrow down to your waistline.

The more regular shape you’re in, the closer-fitting the polo can be, but you don’t need it skin tight. You should still be able to hold a few fingers under the sleeves.

Polo Shirt Dos and Don’ts


Carry an undershirt. A polo is created to be worn as a first or single layer close to the skin, and an undershirt appends excess bulkiness under it and can peek out of the neckline/collar. If you do carry an undershirt, preferably one with a neckline that won’t be noticeable.


Layer polos upon polos. Single polo at a time, please.


Rise the collar. This trend has fortunately decreased, but in case you were intrigued, don’t. It still shows as douchey. If you need to raise the collar in a short-term time to protect your neckline from the sun, feel liberated.



Snap at least one of the buttons. Having all the buttons, undone looks floppy and awkward. One is normally good. Having all of them, buttoned-up alters the look of the tee considerably and is ironically a little more of an “anti-establishment” appearance, if that’s what you’re reaching for.


Feel free to tuck or untuck, depending on the event. A polo shirt can go both ways. Tucking, of course, gives you a more social look, while untucking is more informal. If your shirt’s longer in the rear than the front, then it was definitely meant to be tucked.

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