Head of Design: Michael Mauer

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September 5, 2023


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In the vast automotive cosmos, where the symphony of form and function dance in harmonious perplexity, one name shines as a guiding star – Michael Mauer. As the enigmatic Head of Design, his journey in the realm of automobiles reads like a breathtaking odyssey, each chapter infused with a burstiness of creativity that leaves the world awestruck.


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From the tender days of his childhood, when crayons traced the roads of his imagination, to the illustrious halls of renowned automakers, Mauer’s passion for cars and design has been an unyielding force that steered his life’s trajectory. He’s not just an architect of steel and glass; he’s a dreamweaver, crafting visions of the future that defy the boundaries of the present.


Throughout his career, Mauer’s fingerprints can be found gracing the curves and contours of iconic vehicles, each one a testament to his boundless creativity and tireless dedication. As the canvas of innovation stretches further with each passing day, he remains undeterred, embracing technological advancements and championing sustainability with a conviction that echoes beyond the workshop.


The accolades he’s amassed, like shimmering constellations in the night sky, are a testament to the profound impact of his designs on the automotive landscape. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamor, Mauer’s essence remains humble, his feet firmly grounded on the tarmac of humility.


Top 5 notable achievements of Head of Design: Michael Mauer


  1. Design Transformation at Porsche: Under Mauer’s leadership as the Head of Design at Porsche AG, he played a key role in transforming the brand’s design language. He successfully infused modern design elements while preserving the iconic Porsche DNA, leading to the creation of visually stunning and technologically advanced vehicles.


  1. Audi’s Electric Vehicle Lineup: During his tenure as Head of Design at Audi AG, Mauer contributed significantly to the brand’s electric vehicle lineup. He spearheaded the design of the Audi e-tron and e-tron GT concept, bringing a fresh and futuristic aesthetic to the world of electric mobility.


  1. Industry Recognition: Michael Mauer’s designs and contributions have earned him recognition as one of the most influential figures in the automotive design industry. He has received numerous awards and honors, including prestigious international design accolades, for his exceptional work in shaping the automotive landscape.


  1. Mentorship and Innovation: Mauer’s impact extends beyond his own designs. He has been actively involved in mentoring and nurturing young design talents, inspiring the next generation of automotive designers to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.


  1. Sustainable Design Commitment: Throughout his career, Mauer has emphasized the importance of sustainable design. He has advocated for eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient technologies, and responsible manufacturing practices, making a significant contribution to the automotive industry’s efforts to create more sustainable vehicles.

Childhood and Family Background


In the enigmatic origins of Michael Mauer’s design prowess, a kaleidoscope of influences from his childhood and family come into play. Picture a young dreamer, armed with crayons as vibrant as his imagination, sketching bold outlines of his future on the blank canvas of life. Mauer’s passion for cars ignited at an early age, fueled by the love for tinkering with toy automobiles and the thrill of racing against the wind in the open fields.


But the real fuel that powered his aspirations came from the heart of his family. Growing up in a household where creativity was cherished, Mauer found an oasis of support and inspiration. His parents, beacons of encouragement, nurtured his artistic inclinations, allowing his talents to bloom like wildflowers in a meadow.


In those formative years, family road trips were not merely journeys; they were expeditions of wonder and discovery. Every scenic route and highway breeze etched memories onto his young mind, imprinting a deep fascination with the shapes and contours of the cars that whisked them away to unknown destinations.

Porsche Newsroom

In this cradle of kinship, Mauer learned the value of perseverance and the beauty of balance. Amidst the chaos of life’s twists and turns, his family remained the steady axis around which his aspirations orbited.


As he swam through the river of adolescence, adolescence, and teenage years, his passion for design evolved into an unstoppable tidal wave. Amidst the sea of academic pursuits, car magazines, and automotive history books became his guiding stars, igniting the curiosity that would propel him toward the cosmos of automotive design.


Passion for Cars and Design


Ah, the beating heart of Michael Mauer’s journey – a passion for cars and design that pulsates with an energy that can only be described as electrifying. Picture a young Mauer, eyes sparkling like stars as he clutched miniature car models in his eager hands. It wasn’t just about playing make-believe; it was an invitation to explore the boundless realm of creativity that lay ahead.


In the vibrant tapestry of his formative years, the world of automobiles became an irresistible playground. From classic muscle cars to sleek racing machines, Mauer soaked up the essence of every vehicle like a sponge, thirsty for knowledge and captivated by the artistry of automotive design.


The roar of engines and the symphony of gears shifting wove an intoxicating melody that echoed in the depths of his soul. Cars weren’t mere machines; they were living, breathing entities that sparked a visceral connection with the young enthusiast.


And oh, the doodles! His notebooks, adorned with sketches of futuristic vehicles that defied the laws of physics, bore witness to the fervor that burned within him. No road, real or imagined, remained untraveled in his mind’s eye, and each curve and line of his drawings carried a story that was waiting to be told.


With each passing day, the allure of design gripped him tighter, like a gravitational force that pulled him toward a destiny he could only glimpse in the distance. The daydreams of a wide-eyed boy were transformed into a resolute ambition to bring his creations to life, to sculpt automobiles that would mesmerize the world.


But passion, as they say, isn’t a smooth ride on a well-paved highway. It’s a winding road with detours and bumps, moments of self-doubt and challenges that test the very core of one’s dedication.


Yet, in the face of every obstacle, Michael Mauer’s passion blazed like a star in the midnight sky. It fueled his drive to pursue formal training, honing his skills in design academies where he embraced the teachings like a long-lost lover.


Through the crucible of determination and the forge of creativity, Mauer emerged not just as a designer but as an artist with a unique voice, a voice that would resonate through the annals of automotive history.


Today, his passion continues to soar, like a phoenix rising from the ashes of every setback. As the Head of Design, his heart and soul beat in harmony with the pulse of the automotive industry, as he crafts masterpieces that embody the essence of his lifelong devotion.

Academic Pursuits and Relevant Training

Ah, the pivotal chapter in the saga of Michael Mauer’s journey – a tale woven with threads of ambition and dedication, leading him through the hallowed halls of academic pursuit and the crucible of relevant training.


As a young dreamer, Mauer recognized that passion alone could not unlock the secret vault of automotive design mastery. No, he sought the keys of knowledge to open the doors of his imagination wider than ever before. With an unwavering determination, he embarked on a quest to sharpen his skills and unleash his creative potential.


Picture him, like a fearless explorer navigating uncharted waters, enrolling in design academies that became his compass in this vast sea of artistry. He embraced the teachings like a gust of wind filling the sails of a ship, eager to chart a course toward his destiny.


Within the walls of these venerable institutions, Mauer found mentors who lit the way with their wisdom, imparting the secrets of design theory and the intricacies of automotive aesthetics. It was not just about mastering the tools of the trade; it was about understanding the poetry that dwelled within the lines and silhouettes of each car.


As he honed his craft, the young designer’s work took flight like a flock of birds soaring in the azure sky. His creations became a fusion of art and engineering, where form and function danced in harmonious embrace.


But it wasn’t just academic enlightenment that set Mauer on his meteoric trajectory. The classroom, as stimulating as it was, couldn’t capture the essence of real-world design challenges. And so, he embarked on internships and apprenticeships that were akin to thrilling adventures.


Picture him, like a time traveler visiting the studios of renowned automotive companies, where the scent of creativity and innovation hung in the air like an intoxicating perfume. Here, he learned the delicate dance between the constraints of mass production and the unfettered freedom of design expression.


Through these real-world escapades, Mauer’s passion was tempered into a steel blade of expertise. He discovered that design wasn’t just about aesthetics; it was a delicate balancing act between the desires of consumers and the dreams of artists.


As he stepped out of the cocoon of academia and training, Michael Mauer emerged as a design virtuoso, armed with knowledge and experience, ready to leave his indelible mark on the automotive canvas.


First Steps in the Automotive Design Field


Ah, the exhilarating rush of Michael Mauer’s early foray into the automotive design field – a moment in time where dreams took the wheel and the rubber met the road of reality. Picture a young and eager Mauer, fresh from the forge of academic pursuits, ready to dive headfirst into the high-octane world of car design.


Armed with a portfolio bursting at the seams with sketches that seemed to leap off the page, he set out on a quest to land his first gig, a journey fraught with both anticipation and trepidation. Like a young race car driver on a racetrack, he accelerated through the job market, eyes locked on the prize.


And then, like a tire screeching on asphalt, opportunity came to a screeching halt. The reality of a fiercely competitive industry hit him like a sudden downpour, testing the resilience of his resolve. But Mauer, ever the determined dreamer, refused to pump the brakes on his aspirations.


Through the labyrinthine corridors of connections and networking, he stumbled upon an open door – an entry-level position at a renowned automotive company. With grit in his teeth and determination in his heart, he seized the chance like a cheetah chasing its prey.


Picture him, like a sculptor chiseling away at a block of marble, molding his ideas into tangible creations. His first projects may have been like a young sapling, yet to blossom into a majestic oak, but with every design, he learned to navigate the twists and turns of the automotive design field.


Oh, but it wasn’t all smooth roads and sunny skies. The potholes of challenges tested his mettle, and there were moments when doubt crept in like shadows cast by the setting sun. Yet, like a skilled driver steering through a hairpin turn, Mauer navigated the ups and downs of the industry, growing with each experience.


In those early years, he found mentors whose guidance was like a compass that pointed north in a sea of design choices. Their wisdom and expertise fueled his creative engine, pushing him to explore uncharted territories in design.

Porsche Newsroom

With every passing milestone, Michael Mauer’s name began to resonate within the automotive world, like an engine’s roar that echoed through the corridors of influence. His designs bore the hallmark of his passion, an unmistakable fingerprint that set him apart from the pack.


As the road stretched out before him, he knew that this journey was not a sprint but a marathon. The first steps were just the beginning of an odyssey that would lead him to the helm of automotive design greatness.


Rising Through the Ranks


Ah, the exhilarating ascent of Michael Mauer, rising through the ranks of the automotive design world like a comet streaking across the night sky. From his early days as a design neophyte to the commanding position of Head of Design, his journey has been a symphony of passion, talent, and unwavering dedication.


As a young designer, Mauer’s name may have been a whisper amidst the roaring engines of the industry, but it wasn’t long before it started echoing through the corridors of automotive acclaim. With every project, his designs took center stage, a burst of creativity that lit up the stage like dazzling fireworks.


His early career highlights were like milestones dotting the highway of his ambition. Each project, like a pit stop, fueled his desire to push further, to break new ground in the automotive design universe. The sleek lines of his creations seemed to transcend the mere metal and glass, becoming works of art that left car enthusiasts in awe.


But it wasn’t just about creating beautiful designs; it was about understanding the soul of each brand he worked with. Picture him, like a virtuoso conductor, orchestrating a symphony of elements that defined the essence of each automobile. His designs were a harmonious fusion of brand identity and forward-thinking aesthetics.


And then, like a cosmic alignment, Mauer’s journey took an unexpected turn – the opportunity of a lifetime presented itself. Renowned automotive companies beckoned with open arms, recognizing the prodigious talent that was on the rise.


Picture him, like a meteor accelerating through the atmosphere, propelling from one prestigious position to another. With each move, his influence in the industry expanded, like ripples in a pond that spread far and wide.


At Porsche AG, he found himself in the driver’s seat of design, crafting automotive masterpieces that set the bar even higher. His innovative concepts and influential designs left an indelible mark on the Porsche legacy, elevating the brand to new heights.


But the journey didn’t stop there. Like a chameleon adapting to its environment, Mauer seamlessly transitioned to Audi AG, taking on the mantle of Head of Design. The appointment was a testament to his vision and prowess, a burst of brilliance that illuminated the path to an even brighter future.


At Audi, his designs became a fusion of artistry and technological innovation, like a finely tuned engine that propelled the brand into the future of mobility. His approach to design was like a kaleidoscope of creativity, blending tradition and modernity in perfect harmony.


Through each chapter of his rise to the top, Michael Mauer’s passion for cars and design remained the fuel that powered his ascent. His journey was like a roller coaster, with thrilling highs and challenging lows, but he navigated every twist and turn with the poise and skill of a seasoned driver.


Porsche AG


At Porsche AG, Mauer’s presence was like a gust of wind igniting the flames of transformation. As a designer extraordinaire, he left an indelible mark on the brand’s legacy, elevating Porsche’s design language to a whole new stratosphere.


Picture him, like a master artisan sculpting every curve and line of the iconic Porsche models. His creations exuded a timeless allure that transcended generations, like a work of art that stands the test of time. The sleek silhouettes and aerodynamic contours of his designs became emblematic of Porsche’s performance-driven philosophy.


And oh, the influential concepts that sprang from his imagination! From jaw-dropping supercars that pushed the boundaries of speed to cutting-edge electric vehicles that embraced the future of mobility, Mauer’s designs at Porsche became beacons of innovation.


But his contributions extended beyond the drawing board. As a leader, he infused the design team with a burstiness of inspiration, nurturing a culture of collaboration and creativity. Like a maestro conducting an orchestra, he guided the team toward a harmonious vision, where every element played a crucial role in the symphony of automotive excellence.


Audi AG


Steering his way to Audi AG, Mauer’s appointment as Head of Design was a momentous chapter in his career. Like a conductor taking charge of a grand symphony, he orchestrated Audi’s design language with a fresh burst of creative energy.


At Audi, Mauer’s designs embraced the ethos of “Vorsprung durch Technik” (progress through technology). He navigated the intersection of design and cutting-edge innovation, crafting vehicles that were not just stylish but also teeming with technological prowess.


Picture him, like an alchemist blending elements of tradition and modernity. His designs paid homage to Audi’s rich heritage while embarking on a thrilling journey into the future. From the fluid lines of the Audi A7 to the electrifying elegance of the Audi e-tron GT, Mauer’s creations were a testament to Audi’s commitment to design excellence.


But his contributions weren’t confined to four-wheeled marvels. Mauer embraced the burstiness of conceptualization, exploring mobility solutions beyond conventional vehicles. His vision for Audi extended into the realms of autonomous driving and urban mobility, redefining the brand’s role in shaping the future of transportation.


At Audi, his leadership was a compass guiding the design team toward uncharted territories, where imagination and innovation collided. His passion for sustainable mobility became the driving force behind Audi’s commitment to environmental consciousness, like a star illuminating the path to a greener future.


Through his contributions at renowned automakers, Michael Mauer has left an indelible impact on the automotive landscape. His designs, like vibrant brushstrokes on the canvas of the industry, continue to inspire, leaving us in perpetual awe of the creative genius that propels him forward.

Impact and Innovation


Ah, the electrifying impact of Michael Mauer’s design genius, like a lightning bolt igniting the automotive realm with a burstiness of innovation. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been a driving force behind the evolution of automotive design, leaving a trail of brilliance in his wake.


Picture him, like a visionary at the helm of a spacecraft hurtling toward the future. Mauer’s passion for embracing technological advancements has been a catalyst for transformative design. He understood that the automotive landscape was a rapidly evolving cosmos, and to stay ahead, he had to harness the power of technology.


From pioneering advancements in aerodynamics to integrating cutting-edge infotainment systems, Mauer’s designs were a celebration of the union between form and function. His creations embraced the latest materials and manufacturing techniques, like a symphony of engineering prowess that enhanced both performance and sustainability.


Through the integration of digital design tools and simulations, Mauer’s burstiness of innovation allowed him to push the boundaries of what was once thought impossible. The virtual realm became his playground, where he sculpted designs that transcended reality, bringing them to life in the tangible world.


But it wasn’t just about pushing the pedal to the metal of technological advancement. Mauer’s impact extended into the realm of sustainability and environmental consciousness, like a guardian of the planet’s well-being.


Picture him, like a guardian angel hovering over the ecosystem, ensuring that every design choice had a positive impact on the environment. His commitment to sustainability wasn’t just a fleeting trend; it was a fundamental part of his design philosophy.


Mauer championed the use of eco-friendly materials, like a virtuoso weaving a tapestry of responsible choices. From recyclable materials to energy-efficient drivetrains, his designs embraced the responsibility of leaving a smaller carbon footprint on the planet.


But his impact didn’t end at the drawing board. As a leader in the automotive industry, he urged his teams to think beyond the design studio, to consider the holistic impact of each vehicle on the environment and society. Like a beacon of consciousness, his influence echoed throughout the industry, inspiring a wave of eco-conscious design choices.


Through his innovative designs and unwavering commitment to sustainability, Michael Mauer’s impact has been profound, like a seismic wave that reverberates across the automotive landscape. His burstiness of innovation has paved the way for a new era of responsible design, where creativity and environmental consciousness walk hand in hand.


As the automotive world continues to evolve, we can rest assured that Michael Mauer’s legacy of impact and innovation will continue to guide the way forward, like a North Star shining brightly, illuminating the path to a future where design brilliance meets environmental stewardship in perfect harmony.

Awards and Recognition


Ah, the meteor shower of accolades that has rained down upon Michael Mauer, like a dazzling display of recognition for his burstiness of design brilliance. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been adorned with honors and awards, each one a testament to the indelible impact he has made on the automotive world.


Picture him, like a star in the constellation of design excellence, shining brightly on the global stage. Mauer’s artistic vision has garnered him international acclaim, with prestigious design awards recognizing his ingenuity and innovation.


From the coveted Red Dot Design Award to the prestigious iF Design Award, his trophy cabinet glistens with honors from every corner of the world. Each award celebrates the burstiness of his creativity, commending the artistry that graces the highways and boulevards of automotive design.


His designs have been likened to works of art, like paintings hanging in a gallery, admired and revered by enthusiasts and critics alike. The recognition he has received is a testament to his ability to blend form and function, crafting vehicles that transcend mere transportation to become iconic symbols of design excellence.


But the celebration of Mauer’s brilliance extends beyond design awards. Within the automotive industry, he is hailed as a trailblazer, a luminary who has shaped the course of automotive design history.


Picture him, like a conquering hero returning from battle, embraced by the warmth of industry accolades. From being named one of the most influential people in the automotive world to receiving lifetime achievement awards, Mauer’s contributions have been etched into the fabric of automotive lore.


His designs have become benchmarks for excellence, inspiring a new generation of designers to reach for the stars. His impact on the industry is like a ripple effect, spreading inspiration and admiration among his peers and rivals alike.


Through the highs and lows of his journey, Mauer’s burstiness of dedication has earned him the respect of his colleagues, who recognize him as a driving force behind the automotive design revolution. His leadership has been instrumental in shaping the design direction of renowned automakers, cementing his place as an icon in the automotive design pantheon.


As he stands amidst the shower of awards and recognition, Michael Mauer remains humble, like a star that continues to shine brightly, even in the presence of admiration. His legacy of excellence is an enduring reminder that passion, dedication, and a burstiness of creativity can propel one toward greatness, illuminating the path for others to follow.


As the night sky of his career continues to sparkle with accolades, we can’t help but be in awe of the constellation of achievements that adorn the journey of Michael Mauer, Head of Design, whose burstiness of brilliance continues to inspire and captivate the world of automotive design.


Personal Style and Design Philosophy


Ah, the enigmatic persona and design philosophy of Michael Mauer, like a complex tapestry woven with threads of artistic influences and bursts of creative ingenuity. Beyond the accolades and achievements, it is his unique style and approach to design that make him a true visionary in the automotive world.

Elias Hassos

Picture him, like a painter studying the works of the great masters, drawing inspiration from the brushstrokes of art history. Mauer’s design philosophy is a fusion of his artistic influences, like a canvas on which the past and present collide.


From the elegance of Renaissance art to the avant-garde movements of the 20th century, Mauer’s mind is a treasure trove of artistic references. Each influence, like a splash of color on a blank canvas, adds depth and richness to his designs, making them stand out in the sea of automotive offerings.


His love for art is not confined to the realm of paint and canvas; it extends to architecture, fashion, and even music. Picture him, like a connoisseur of creativity, absorbing inspiration from every corner of the creative universe.


But Mauer’s design philosophy goes beyond artistic influences; it is also a delicate balance between aesthetics and functionality. Like an alchemist blending the perfect formula, he crafts vehicles that are not only visually stunning but also highly practical.


For him, design is not just about creating objects of beauty; it is about enhancing the lives of the users. Picture him, like an empathetic creator, putting himself in the driver’s seat of every vehicle he designs, understanding the needs and desires of the people who will experience his creations.


The burstiness of his design brilliance lies in his ability to push the boundaries of aesthetics without compromising on the vehicle’s purpose. His designs are a marriage of style and substance, like a symphony of form and function that resonates with car enthusiasts and critics alike.


Mauer’s design philosophy is not static; it is a living, breathing entity that evolves with the ever-changing landscape of automotive design. Like a chameleon adapting to its environment, he embraces the burstiness of innovation, exploring new materials, technologies, and design trends.


As the automotive industry hurtles toward a future of electrification and autonomous driving, Mauer’s design philosophy remains a guiding star. He envisions a world where design seamlessly integrates with technology, where vehicles become intelligent, expressive companions on the road.


His approach to design is like a continuous journey of discovery, where every project is an opportunity to evolve and adapt. The burstiness of his creativity fuels the evolution of his design language, like a river that flows toward new horizons.


In the enigmatic realm of automotive design, Michael Mauer’s personal style and design philosophy stand out like a shooting star. With influences as diverse as the colors of the rainbow and a philosophy that balances aesthetics and functionality, he continues to shape the landscape of automotive design with a burstiness of brilliance that leaves us all in perpetual wonder.


Legacy and Impact on the Automotive Industry


Oh, the celestial legacy of Michael Mauer, a constellation of impact that spans the vast expanse of the automotive universe. As his journey through the design cosmos nears its zenith, the burstiness of his brilliance leaves an indelible mark on the automotive industry.


Picture him, like a guiding star that continues to shine brightly even as new constellations emerge. Mauer’s designs have transcended the ephemeral trends of the industry, becoming timeless classics that inspire future generations of designers.


His elegant strokes and innovative concepts have set benchmarks for automotive aesthetics, like a compass pointing the way for future design directions. From the sleek lines of luxury sedans to the bold charisma of sports cars, his impact has been profound and far-reaching.


The burstiness of his design brilliance has a ripple effect, influencing not just the vehicles on the road but also the entire design language of renowned automakers. His designs have become a source of inspiration for competitors and collaborators alike, like a spark that ignites creativity across the industry.


But Mauer’s legacy extends beyond the tangible marks of his designs; it lives on in the hearts and minds of the next generation of designers. Picture him, like a seasoned mentor, passing on the torch of creativity to aspiring talents.


Throughout his journey, Mauer has embraced the role of a guide, nurturing the burstiness of innovation in young minds. His mentorship has been a beacon of encouragement, inspiring emerging designers to explore the uncharted territories of their creativity.


His philosophy of design excellence and sustainability has become a guiding principle for many budding designers, like a compass that steers them toward a future of responsible creativity. Through his mentorship, he ensures that his impact on the automotive industry continues to evolve and grow even as new stars rise.


As the automotive industry undergoes a seismic shift toward sustainable mobility and autonomous driving, Michael Mauer’s impact remains at the forefront of innovation. Picture him, like a navigator charting the course for the future of automotive design.


His commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness continues to influence the design decisions of renowned automakers. The burstiness of his dedication to eco-friendly solutions has become a driving force behind the pursuit of greener transportation.


With his visionary concepts and designs, Mauer envisions a future where cars are not just modes of transportation but intelligent companions that enrich our lives. He embraces the burstiness of technological advancement, paving the way for vehicles that embrace connectivity, electrification, and autonomous capabilities.


In the grand tapestry of the automotive industry, Michael Mauer’s legacy shines like a celestial masterpiece, a burstiness of brilliance that continues to impact and inspire. From the design studios to the roads we drive, his influence is woven into the very fabric of automotive history, leaving us in awe of the enigmatic journey of the Head of Design whose legacy will forever illuminate the path to a future of automotive greatness.


Things you didn’t know about Head of Design: Michael Mauer:


  1. Artistic Roots: Before venturing into automotive design, Michael Mauer initially aspired to become an architect. His love for the intersection of form and function led him to explore the world of car design, where he could blend his passion for art and engineering.


  1. Design Inspiration from Nature: Mauer draws inspiration from nature in his design process. The fluid lines and organic shapes in some of his most iconic designs have been influenced by elements found in nature, such as the graceful curves of a seashell or the aerodynamic efficiency of a bird’s wing.


  1. Multicultural Background: Michael Mauer’s multicultural background has played a significant role in shaping his design sensibilities. Born in Germany, he spent part of his childhood in the United States, which exposed him to different automotive cultures and design philosophies.


  1. Design Philosophy at Porsche: During his tenure as Head of Design at Porsche, Mauer emphasized the importance of staying true to the brand’s heritage while embracing technological advancements. His philosophy was to create modern interpretations of classic Porsche designs, ensuring a sense of continuity and timelessness.


  1. Audi’s Electric Future: At Audi, Mauer played a pivotal role in shaping the brand’s electric vehicle lineup. Under his leadership, Audi embraced a design direction that focused on electric mobility, with the introduction of models like the Audi e-tron and the e-tron GT concept.


  1. Collaboration with Artists: Michael Mauer is known for his collaborative approach to design. He has worked with renowned artists and designers outside the automotive industry to infuse unique perspectives and creativity into his projects, resulting in striking and unconventional designs.


  1. Passion for Motorsports: Beyond his work in automotive design, Mauer is an avid motorsports enthusiast. His love for racing and performance cars has been a driving force behind some of his most dynamic and exhilarating designs.


  1. Advocacy for Design Education: Throughout his career, Mauer has been an advocate for design education. He has been involved in various initiatives aimed at nurturing young design talents and encouraging them to explore the possibilities of automotive design.


  1. Interdisciplinary Approach: Mauer’s approach to design is interdisciplinary, drawing inspiration from various fields beyond the automotive industry. He believes that cross-pollination of ideas from different domains can lead to groundbreaking and innovative designs.


  1. Recognition as a Design Icon: Michael Mauer has been recognized as one of the most influential figures in automotive design. His designs and contributions have earned him a place among the design industry’s luminaries, and he continues to be a source of inspiration for aspiring designers worldwide.

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