Franko Dean: Fresh to Death

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December 10, 2014


Lewis Martin

A self-proclaimed socialite and menswear blogger, Franko Dean provides his followers with a classy mix of outfits ranging from sartorial to urban. But Franko provides a bit more than you’re usual style blogger. Along with the collection of ensembles showcased on his site, he provides videos for some of the outfits; can see the setup through still images and in action. And unlike most bloggers in this field, he actually provides text and translations in Spanish; in order to reach a broader audience.

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For this setup, Franko goes casual with this navy blazer, denim setup. There is also a clear attention to detail. The bright red tie in a dominantly navy style, adds a bit of contrast; with the mustache tie clip to complete the look.
via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

As stated earlier, Franco isn’t afraid to mix it up and go urban. In this look, he’s doing exactly that with jeans and a jean vest. Overall it is a clean and simple setup that prevents the outfit from looking to “busy” to the eyes.

via Franko Dean
via Franko Dean

In this video, he gets a bit edgy with a black leather shirt and denim. This look has a more post-modern vibe in comparison to his other outfits. It is definitely a bold move from some of his other ensembles.

A photo posted by Franko Dean (@frankodean) on

Franco shows his sartorial prowess with this clean setup. With a pair of Ray Van Clubmasters, semi-spread collar, camo tie, vest and tapered slacks, he goes completely dapper; paired with brown loafers to finish off the look. This ensemble is a “win” on so many levels.



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