A decade after creating the world’s first blue jeans denim style, Levi Strauss came to a realization. The denim material that worked so well on a men’s lower half, can also work brilliantly to wear on his other half as well.

It didn’t take long for men to catch on this trend.

Denim material is not just for good-looking and long lasting jeans. It also makes for a stylish rugged jacket.

Initially 140 years ago, this clothing piece was created for men on railroads and ranches. But this jean jacket is still as popular as ever, because of it low maintenance outwear. The durable material protects arms and torso, the piece is wrinkling free, and most importantly it can last for years. This jacket is perfect to wear at the start of spring or fall season.

The collar and structure creates a manly silhouette, plus a visual appeal because of the layering. The piece resembles a sports jacket, but has a completely different vibe. When thrown over a tee, it instantly adds appeal to otherwise mediocre attire.

With these kind of qualities, why most men are reluctant to add this rather simple clothing piece to their wardrobe?

Choosing a Denim Jacket

If you want to add a denim style jacket to your wardrobe, there are two core elements you should look for. The first is fit and the other is color.


As with all clothing pieces, fit should be the number one quality you should consider. You don’t want to invest in a denim  stylejacket that is too baggy, or too tight. A perfectly fitted jacket should have the following qualities.

  • It fits over the tee you plan to pair with it.
  • . The denim casual style jacket should be buttoned up without tightness, when worn over a tee. The jacket is not usually buttoned up, but it can be.
  • The material cut hangs down in straight planes.
  • The end part of the sleeves should hit exactly past the bends of your wrists.
  • If you should be loose enough, for you to cross and sway your arms easily. If you feel the material too constricting, which happens with darker and raw denims, look for denim that has is stretchable with added cotton fabric.


Nowadays denim jackets are available in almost every shade possible. But blue will always be the most iconic and classic. The formality of blue denim jacket ranges along the number of washes of their material. All jackets are causal, but the one created with a dark wash denim fabric will be a slight “Fancier”

Light wash denim are the most causal. Medium wash is somewhere in the middle, and should arguably be your best choice. The wash is versatile, iconic appeal and soft on the skin.

 What to Wear With a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets aren’t as versatile as much as sports jackets are. The jackets can’t be dressed or slightly modifying a few things to meet the requirements of almost every kind of dress code. Most men mix up the dress shirt and tie look with the jacket. The contrast between the formal wear and the casual outwear is too jarring to uplift the look.

However, they are versatile, and pair with every clothing piece that resides in the casual category of a man’s wardrobe.

On Bottom

 The golden rule you should remember about wearing a denim jacket is to never wear a “Double Denim.” You should always avoid wearing denim jeans with the jacket. The outcome of this match is called the “Canadian Tuxedo”, and there is a story to that.

In 1960s Bing Crosby was banned from a Canadian hotel, because of his all denim get up. Levi’s responded by creating a complete denim style tuxedo for him (Pretty insulting right?)

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