First up 20s casual style: those after-collegiate 20-something years where you’re looking out on your own — deciding out a journey for your life, as well as your individual style. Your closet will likely become progressively more traditional as you get more experienced, befitting your developing maturity. The 20s casual style will project confidence and authority, and the fact you’ve decided on the fashion you like best. But in this decade, you can still yield to explore with more fashion-forward options, as they’ll be taken lightly and ignored much more than they will be while you’re in your forties.


Casual Looks for Your 20s


Messy or Tidy?


Good “Messy” Clothes

“Messy” looks favor to be layered. Plan on having a mix of fibers and shades in there. Outfits with detailing are also good — shirts with badges, jackets with large flap pockets, pants with clasp pockets, that kind of thing. Blend and match, and don’t be hesitant to cross some stylistic limits (a slim, fit suit blazer over a T-shirt, for example).


  • Jean blazers.Get one, wear it; cherish it.


  • Blue denim.Fitted, but not too close, please. You want enough stretch and looseness that they “snap” (crumple a bit) where the hems hold on your shoe uppers.


  • Corduroys.Effortless, flexible, textured. Supreme. And they come in all variety of shades, letting you spice your chest up.


  • T-shirts. Don’t carry them on their own, but throw a vintage tee under a coat or a leather jacket and you’re good to go. Just make sure it’s a stable fit.


  • Collarless long-sleeve shirts. Henleys, long-sleeve tees, light crewneck sweaters, etc. Something that doesn’t have a formal shirt collar and isn’t a basic athletic shirt is always working on standing out.


  • Freight pants. Drive clear of anything so baggy it’s hanging off your butt, but some buckles and bands on the slacks are elegant for 20s casual style expressions.


  • Thrift store sports blazers. Find some old-fashioned jackets, have them altered to your fit, and toss them over any old thing. Tweed, corduroy, velvet, and other textured materials work exceptionally well.


  • Canvas trainers. The Converse All-Star or Nike might be a little too identical these days, but it’s a great starting point. Pair 20s casual style sneakers with fitted slacks and blazers for diversity.


  • Scarves. Drape ’em every which way. Lots of laps and color to grab the eye.


Good “Tidy” Clothes


A “tidy” look for young men is all about crisp, clean-cut sides and borders. It looks chic and dapper, and often a sense old-fashioned (sorry, “retro”). You want outfits that complement each other, but that doesn’t mean avoiding variations. The diversity happens along fine lines, like the V-shape of a coat or the straight lines of a shirt tucked into the slack waistline.


  • Turndown collar shirts. The first dress shirt is a staple of a neat wardrobe. Get them in all kinds of shades and patterns, keep them well-pressed, and blend and match easily.


  • Blazers. Thrifting works here too, get the fit tailored and try for coats and sports jackets with a little form to them, rather than the fully soft-shouldered look of a disorderly jacket.


  • Wool slacks. You can have these smoothed to a very dapper-looking ridge, and they drape better than cotton slacks.


  • Chinos/khakis.More affordable than wool and still simple to press. These days you can get them in reduced/skinny fits as well as straight-leg if that’s your way.


  • Neckties. There’s nothing quite as neat as a man dressing a necktie when he doesn’t have to. Carry them on weekends or to social occasions to really get people’s eyes — but not after 5:00 PM (you can, but it seems more out of place in evening environments).


  • Mufflers (again). Didn’t we praise them for “messy” looks? Yep! Do they work for “neat” appearances? Yep again! A neatly-looped shawl looks just excellent on top of a smoothed shirt and tapered jacket.


  • Leather jackets. A slender, moto-style jacket works exceptionally on top of fit dresses. Also, a good alternative when you’re not wearing a collared shirt.

So here were a few tips on 20s casual style.

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