When it comes to style and dressing, a lot of men stick to some old school style myths as a reason for not levelling up their style game. Here we debunk some of those cliché myths and get rid of your excuses as why should roam around town in baggy old jeans and tee.

Here are four style myths every man should know.

Style Myths.-Facebook
Style Myths.-Facebook

Trends are set by celebs and A-listers, and can spontaneously appear. But most of them are the brainchild of a marketing agency somewhere.

Whether you saw it on the front of GQ Magazine, on a mannequin at H&M, or in a Blockbuster Hollywood movie, Seasonal looks exist because brands want you to buy them all year round. 

There are a few issues in following marketed trends. The first is the price, and most men don’t have the luxury to buy new clothing pieces every few months.

Secondly, these trends have to be recognizable. Designer labels try to add as much unique and striking details as possible. But when the season fades you are stuck with a garment which is weird looking and out of fashion.

We suggest you invest in a sturdy, best-quality clothing piece. The piece should be tailored to perfection with enduring style, without any over the top flourishes. These kinds of clothing can last for years without ever getting outdated. 

  1. You need a great physique to look good.

Having a ripped body certainly looks great on the beach, but that barely matters. As a matter of fact, most athletes may have a hard time finding the perfect business or casual clothes for their bulky bodies. 

But we don’t mean to say that men should be careless about their fitness, or unmindful of their physical appearance. Throughout history, style icons have included men of every physique and size conceivable. Hollywood stars, who keep changing their body for different roles, still stay consistently styled. 

The secret to looking good lies in identifying which type of clothing piece suit your physique. Skinny men want to bulk. Broad physique men with excessive weight in the abdomen-section will look for sliming style, and so on.

Style Myths.-Facebook
Style Myths.-Facebook
  1. People are clever enough to judge your character, not your appearance.

Getting judged solely on your capabilities and merits is indeed a noble thought. But that’s not the reality in most scenarios, and that relates to a scary style myth

By human nature and human psychology, people judge us long before they can judge our character, by our appearance. We are a visual species; our brains make snap decisions based on what looks appealing or threating to us. 

Our looks are regularly sending non-verbal signals to other people. An intentionally careless style- messy hair, ratty jeans and old tees, tend to say “I don’t care about what you think about me.”

All of us want to judge on our merits rather than our appearance, and that’s fine. But you dressing sense still say “I don’t care.” Why would someone hire you, or socialize with you? When your appearance clearly signals, you don’t care.

  1. Dressing sharp takes longer than just throwing on any old thing.

Interestingly, it gets simpler to dress in the morning as your dressing sense matures.

There are a few of reasons for that. First is obviously that your wardrobe expands over time, assuming that you buy clothes quicker than you are wearing them off (Not difficult to do if you are investing in quality clothes). The more pieces you have in your wardrobe that suit you, the easier it is to get dressed in the morning. 

A man who is careful about his dressing also tends to have an interchangeable wardrobe. If you buy smartly, you can amass a variety of pieces and accessories that match with each other easily. So there is never a day where you say “I like this suit, but I don’t know what to match it with.”

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