37 Unique Gift Cards to Delight Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

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December 14, 2023


FashionMR Editor

Make this holiday season unique with our guide to the 37 Best Gift Cards, a road map to gifting success that will have your loved ones praising you all season long.


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Key Takeaways


  • Selecting the Best Gift Card: Consider the recipient’s interests and preferences.


  • Personalization Increases Consideration: Include a handwritten message to add a personal touch.


  • Examine the Restrictions and Expiration Dates: Be aware of the terms and limitations of the gift card.


  • Creative Presentation Improves Gifting: Put the gift card in a themed basket.


Get rid of the stress of choosing the perfect gift—our list of the 37 Best Gift Cards makes holiday shopping a joyous experience for both givers and receivers.


The air is crisper, the streets are decked out in dazzling lights, and the festive spirit has settled in – the holiday season has returned. It’s that beautiful time of year when we gather to celebrate, reflect, and exchange remembrances of love and appreciation. As we face the yearly task of selecting the perfect gift for our friends and family, one timeless choice stands out: the basic yet powerful gift card.


  1. Welcoming the Holiday Season and the Gift-Giving Tradition


The holiday season is a tapestry of traditions that joyfully fills our hearts. There’s an apparent enchantment in the air, from the cheery tunes of carolers to the aroma of freshly cooked gingerbread cookies. The gift-giving custom spans countries and generations and is at the heart of these celebrations. It’s a lovely representation of our love and connection, a chance to express thanks and make those we care about feel very special.


Choosing gifts becomes a voyage of thoughtfulness during the hectic holiday preparations. Each well-chosen gift bears witness to our link with the recipients. However, as the number of available alternatives grows, selecting a gift that speaks to you might feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.


Enter the gift card—a symbol of modern gifting and a beacon of ease. Gift cards are a practical and respectful option when time is a valuable commodity and tastes differ more than ever. They provide a distinct combination of freedom and personalization, allowing the receiver to select a treasure that corresponds to their preferences.


  1. The Versatility and Convenience of Gift Cards as the Ideal Holiday Present


The unrivaled adaptability of gift cards distinguishes them. Unlike traditional gifts that may or may not be appropriate, a well-chosen gift card allows the receiver to explore and pick something they desire or need. The choices are as varied as those on your list: a shopping spree at their favorite retail giant, a gourmet excursion at a trendy café, or a comfortable night in with the newest blockbuster flicks.


Popular Stores and Brands

Overview of Well-Known Retail and Brand Gift Cards


Few alternatives surpass the popularity and universal appeal of retail and brand-specific gift cards in the considerable spectrum of gift-giving possibilities. These acts of kindness provide access to many options and demonstrate a thorough awareness of the recipient’s preferences. Let us look at the world of well-known retail and brand gift cards, where convenience meets customized joy.


  1. Girlfriend Collective E-Gift Card
Photo: girlfriend

Consider the Girlfriend Collective E-Gift Card if your friend is a fitness enthusiast. Oprah endorsed their leggings, making them a unique and stylish choice for activewear. From XS to 6XL, there’s something for everyone.

Shop at Girlfriend


  1. Ettitude Digital Gift Card

Give the gift of comfort with an Ettitude Digital Gift Card. Your loved one can choose from fresh linens, sheets, duvets, fluffy towels, and bathrobes for a cozy and luxurious home.

Shop at ettitude.com


  1. Clevr Digital Gift Card

For those looking to kick their caffeine habit or explore new beverages, a Clevr Digital Gift Card offers a selection of coffee alternatives. It’s a thoughtful choice for a refreshing start to their day.

Shop at clevrblends.com


  1. Uncommon Goods Gift Card
Uncommon Goods

Perfect for those with unique tastes, Uncommon Goods provides curated goods that stand out. Surprise someone special with a gift that reflects their individuality.

Shop at Uncommon Goods


  1. Multi-Store Gift Cards

Offer a plethora of options with a Multi-Store Gift Card. Customize the card’s appearance online and allow your recipient to choose from various retailers, including Macy’s, Ulta Beauty, GameStop, and more.

Shop at giftcards.com


  1. Cloud 9 Living Gift Card
Cloud9 Ibiza

Consider a Cloud 9 Living Gift Card for the person who has everything. With over 600 experiences to choose from, including skydiving and cooking classes, you’re giving the gift of unforgettable memories.

Shop at cloud9living.com


  1. Amazon Gift Card

While not the most unique idea, an Amazon Gift Card is incredibly versatile. Your recipient can use it for anything, from special treats to essential groceries.

Shop at Amazon


  1. Spa Finder Gift Card

Indulge your loved one with a Spa Finder Gift Card. Valid at thousands of spas, fitness centers, wellness centers, and salons, it’s the perfect ticket to a day of relaxation and self-care.

Shop at spafinder.com


  1. MasterClass Membership

For lifelong learners, a MasterClass membership provides the opportunity to learn from experts on a wide range of topics. It’s an inspirational way to kick off the new year.

Shop at MasterClass


  1. Thrive Market Gift Card
Thrive Market

Ideal for those seeking organic and specialty products at wholesale prices, a Thrive Market Gift Card is perfect for bargain hunters with refined taste.

Shop at Thrive Market


  1. Airbnb Gift Cards

Give the gift of a getaway with Airbnb Gift Cards. Let your recipient choose their destination, timing, and accommodation style for a personalized travel experience.

Shop at AirBnB


  1. The Sill Gift Card

The Sill

For plant enthusiasts, the Sill Gift Card is a green delight. Whether they need more plants or stylish planters, this gift card covers them.

Shop at The Sill


  1. Etsy Gift Card

Support small businesses with an Etsy Gift Card. Your recipient will enjoy a unique and personalized shopping experience with countless artisan-made and handcrafted gifts.

Shop at Etsy


  1. Goldbelly Gift Card

Bring the taste of home to friends and family with a Goldbelly Gift Card. This company ships food from beloved restaurants and small food businesses nationwide.

Shop at Goldbelly


  1. Stockpile Gift Card

For those interested in investing, Stockpile Gift Cards allow them to choose popular and high-performing stocks. It’s a gift that keeps on giving in the world of finance.

Shop at Walmart


  1. Wine.com Gift Card
Photo: Wine.com

Wine enthusiasts will appreciate a Wine.com Gift Card. Let them choose the perfect bottle to unwind and savor, creating a personalized and enjoyable experience.

Shop at Wine.com


  1. Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription

Keep coffee lovers caffeinated with an Atlas Coffee Club Gift Subscription. With three- and six-month options, it’s a delightful way to ensure a constant supply of quality beans.

Shop at atlascoffeeclub.com


  1. Blue Apron Gift Card
True Blue Apron

For busy parents or those seeking stress-free meal options, a Blue Apron Gift Card from the Good Housekeeping Institute Nutrition Lab-approved service is the perfect solution.

Shop at blueapron.com


  1. Chewy Gift Card

Spoil pet parents with a Chewy Gift Card. From food to toys and apparel, Chewy has everything to meet furry friends’ needs.

Shop at Chewy


  1. Bookshop Gift Card

For bookworms, a Bookshop Gift Card is a literary haven. Supporting local bookstores, it’s an ideal gift for those with a never-ending “to be read” stack.

Shop at Bookshop


  1. Disney+ 1-Year Subscription
Photo: Disney

Embrace winter nights with a Disney+ 1-Year Subscription. Movie marathons with Disney favorites are just a cozy night away.

Shop at Disney+


  1. DoorDash Gift Card

Offer the gift of convenience with a DoorDash Gift Card. Ideal for new parents, college students, or anyone needing a meal delivery solution.

Shop at launchgiftcards.com


  1. Sephora Gift Card

Avoid the stress of choosing personal care products with a Sephora Gift Card. Digital options are available for a hassle-free and stylish gift.

Shop at Sephora


  1. Universal Standard Gift Card

With sizes ranging from 00-40, a Universal Standard Gift Card ensures a stylish and inclusive shopping experience. Let your recipient step out in confidence and comfort.

Shop at Universal Standard


  1. MaidPro Gift Card
Photo: maidpro

Give the gift of a clean and organized space with a MaidPro Gift Card. Perfect for overworked parents, it’s a thoughtful way to provide some much-needed relief.

Shop at maidpro.com


  1. Handy Gift Card

Help friends tackle home projects with a Handy Gift Card. Two hours of personalized service from a home maintenance professional can make a difference.

Shop at handy.com


  1. Charity Choice Gift Cards
Charity Choice

Spread holiday cheer with Charity Choice Gift Cards. The recipient can direct the balance to one of over 1,000 charitable organizations, making a positive impact.

Shop at charitygiftcertificates.org


  1. Bifties Gift Card

Support minority-owned businesses with a Bifties Gift Card. Explore a diverse online shop full of goodies made by black-owned retailers.

Shop at bifties.com


  1. Havenly Gift Card

Gift good taste with a Havenly Gift Card. Offering interior design and merchandise consultations is the perfect way for your recipient to create their dream home.

Shop at havenly.com


  1. Audible Subscription Gift Card

For bookworms on the go, an Audible Subscription Gift Card provides access to a vast library of audiobooks. It’s an excellent choice for those who love to listen.

Shop at Audible


  1. Starbucks Gift Card

Keep loved ones caffeinated with a Starbucks Gift Card. Whether they prefer peppermint or white chocolate mocha lattes, this gift card is a holiday classic.

Shop at Amazon


  1. Gift of College Gift Card

Invest in the future with a Gift of College Gift Card. Help build savings for higher education or contribute to paying off student loans, providing a valuable gift for the long run.

Shop at giftofcollege.com


  1. Lowe’s Gift Card

Ideal for home improvement enthusiasts, a Lowe’s Gift Card is perfect for ongoing projects. Your recipient will appreciate your support for their DIY endeavors.

$25 at Lowe’s


  1. Cheese Club Experience Gift Card

For the adventurous foodie in your life, consider the Cheese Club Experience Gift Card. Move beyond the ordinary cheddar and American cheeses and gift them a subscription to a cheese club. These unique subscription boxes deliver gourmet cheeses worldwide to their doorsteps, allowing them to savor new and distinctive flavors. It’s a present that promises a delightful journey into the world of artisanal cheeses.

subscription boxes


  1. Private Cooking Lessons Experience Gift Card
Photo: Glasspop

Elevate someone’s culinary skills with the Private Cooking Lessons Experience Gift Card. What better way to learn the art of cooking than under the guidance of a gourmet chef? This thoughtful gift allows the recipient to create tantalizing dishes while receiving expert advice on tips, tricks, and techniques. Perfect for couples looking to enhance their cooking prowess, this experience gift is a recipe for a memorable and educational time in the kitchen.

gift for couples


  1. Flower Arranging Classes

Why buy bouquets when you can make your own? Virtual flower arranging classes can be a fun gift experience for her if she loves filling her home with fresh flowers.

Virtual flower arranging classes


  1. Online Game Nights
Photo: Glasspop

Hosts of the weekly game night will love virtual game nights as an experience gift card. This is a great experience gift for couples who love gathering their friends for friendly competition.

virtual game nights


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