Your casual style talks volumes about your personality without you even realizing because you carry it most of the time

It’s challenging to know which clothing pieces are categorized as “causal” and which don’t. Most men consider a suit as a “Business wear.” But think about it more a moment, will you wear a salmon-pink suit with green pinstripes to a boardroom meeting? Probably not.

Depending on your profession and work environment, business is tough to define. Your causal apparel might be fancier than your office attire, or less. Or it can be the exact same wardrobe.

Designer labels or minimal, tailored or rugged, casual clothes are you, and what you are as men. They express your personal style when no else is limiting your style potential. The choice of what to wear is entirely up to you.  

For most men, this freedom can be daunting. They subsequently retreat into a cliché “Uniform” of Casual style. They go for khaki and button-down shirts for fancy occasions, and a modest tee and jeans for everything else. While done right, these get-ups look good, it doesn’t look exciting or sharp.

With minimal effort and thought, however, your casual attire can turn heads everywhere you go. 

How to Uplift Your Casual Style

Variety is the core element and soul of an excellent casual wardrobe.

If you happen to come across a fashion model or just a sharply dressed man on the street, you’ll notice one thing. What makes his style stand out from the crowd is that it isn’t like everybody else’s. 

But that doesn’t that to look dapper and casual you have to wear designer labels or wild leopard prints. The standard of mainstream men’s fashion is set so low that you don’t have to make much effort to stand out.

Here are two easy and simple ideas to uplift your casual style above the above Joe’s.


Casual style.-Facebook
Casual style.-Facebook

The biggest issue with the cliché t-shirt/jeans or button-down shirt/khaki is that they look complete at a single view. No one is going to pay attention, because there is nothing there to grasp it.  

Layering means adding parts to attire. A jacket is a layer, so it is a wool sweater, or a hat or a scarf, and even a decently slung shoulder bag.

The outcome of adding pieces beyond the shirt and pants is visual elaboration. There’s more to see, so people’s attention span stays longer. 

So add a few layering pieces to the wardrobe. Blazers are great, choose a navy suit jacket or a denim leather jacket, have at least one of those. From there, go for the style which suits you the best.

Emphasize the Accents

Dressing sharply is about people perceiving your appearance and looking back at it. 

Correct accents give people something about you to remember in the style context. 

But what is an accent? Simply anything that isn’t the huge-body covering a piece of the dressing. Trousers, button-downs, or blazers aren’t accents; almost any other section or accessory can be, depending on how to carry it. 

Making minimal changes to your primary accents can take your style from “Mediocre” to “Eye-catching.” Replace the everyday brown shoes for a pair of bold-colored canvas shoes, or try a loafer with a metallic buckle. Invest in an exceptional timepiece, it always pays dividends. 

But you should beware of a little moderation. Your attire shouldn’t just consist of one accent. Some hues, detail, and added uniqueness where most men are opting for the most neutral and safe option, this surely make you stand out.

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