A gentleman maintains an exquisite suits wardrobe. And, when it comes it style, quality always dominates over quantity. That’s why the Billionaires, Royals and Elites are always ready to spend thousands of dollars to buy luxurious suits. Suits are a status symbol for the ultra-rich and today we are going to talk about some of the most expensive suits ever made. 



Most expensive suits in the world 2021
WILLIAM WESTMANCOTT ULTIMATE BESPOKE SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

The most expensive suit ever made comes Stuart Huges. This rare diamond studded suit can set you back $778,290. Made from a mixture of the best quality Cashmere wool, silk and 480 o.5 carat diamonds embossed on the suit jacket, this suit is the epitome of luxury. Stuart Huges Diamond Edition suit was designed by the collaboration of Richard Jewels & Stuart Hughes. It is estimated that it took almost 600 hours to make this expensive luxury apparel. Only three of this limited edition suits were ever produced because of the huge price tag. 


BRIONI VANQUISH II SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

The second most expensive suit in comes from luxury fashion designer Alexander Amosu. This extravagant suit is made from three rare fabrics. One fabric is from Vicuna, a South American animal who sheds wool only once in three years. The wool is then blended with the wool of Artic muskox which is the most expensive wool in the world and Pashmina sourced from the Himalayan goats. It took almost 80 hours and a staggering 5,000 stiches to make this piece of art. But that’s not it! There’s one more thing which adds to this luxury apparel. This premium suit comes with a real 18-carat gold and pave set diamond buttons.  



DORMEIUL VANQUISH II SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

Alexander Amosu isn’t only a fashion designer, but a luxury entrepreneur. He started creating his empire from making hip-hop ringtones to making premium gold and diamond encrusted smartphones. In 2009 this luxury entrepreneur decided to design premium quality and expensive apparel and thus launched his line of bespoke suits for men. 

This Dormeuil Vanquish II is the creation of the visionary himself. The Dormeuil Vanquish II is a premium blend of rare fabrics like Vanquish II, Royal Qivuik, Kirgzy White, Ambassador, Dorsilk, and Fifteen Point Eight. Because of these premium fabrics blended into one suit, the $95,319 price tag should not come as a surprise. 


  1. #4 ZOOT SUIT – US$78,000

Most expensive suits in the world 2021
ZOOT SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

Looking at this suit, you may be wondering which billionaire or royal wears this kind of suit these days? This is the only suit on our list which can be classified as vintage. Dating back to the world war II era, this expensive suit by found by a vintage collector, and fetched a whopping $78,000 at Augusta Auctions New York in 2011. Interestingly, this suit is actually a clown costume, bought at $20 originally. Who thought a clown costume can set you back $78,000. 


  1. #5 Cavalier Rockefeller Vanquish II – $70,000

Cavalier is the one of the most well-known and expensive menswear brands today. The brand is popular for wedding couture, bespoke suits, premium quality accessories and even cigars. One of their most expensive apparel is this Rockefeller Vanquish II suit, a limited edition piece with a price tag of over $70,000. The name comes from the rare Vanquish II fabric used in creating this suit. Rockefeller Vanquish II has 4-carat diamonds buttons embossed into African Platinum. This suit doesn’t skip a beat when it comes to luxury and style. 



    WILLIAM WESTMANCOTT ULTIMATE BESPOKE SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

Straight from Saville Row, the William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke Suit is created and knitted in a classical English mill. The time to make this outfit could take anywhere between 150-200 hours. The suit’s creator, William Westmancott says that the outfit receives enthusiasm from both affluent Russian & Middle Eastern businessmen. Presumably, the stitches are created with horse mane so that the apparel doesn’t lose its appearance over time. Another significant attribute incorporated is the fact that the outfit is extremely lightweight. You will also get five free premium quality bespoke shirts with your purchase. 


  1. #7 KITON K50 SUIT – US$50,000

KITON K50 SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

Produced from Merino sheep fleece, the Kiton K50 suit’s value is around the $50,000-60,000 mark. Only 5 dressmakers in the brabd are capable to make this special type of outfit within 50 hours. The apparel was first created by Saville Row’s Enzo D’Orsi. 



DESMOND MERRION SUPREME BESPOKE SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world

Another work by a famous tailor from Saville Row, this outfit much like the others on this list is also hand-tailored by Desmond Merrion himself. 

Desmond Merrion is one of the most exceptional tailors on London’s reknowned Savile Row. 

What’s so special about them? According to Merrion This suit is created for clients who want the absolute truest and a purest class of tailoring that money can buy. Every single stitch in the outfit is done by hand, and a machine will never touch the fabric at any step.

This hand making is the epitome of premium tailoring, and creates a suit that is different and unparalleled from any other dressmaker in the world.




This special suit has the same materials used in the earlier outfits – the different Vanquish mixture. However, this is accessible at a much more modest price tag matched to the rest anyway. Brioni has an independent license to produce Vanquish II suits, and there is only sufficient material to create up to 150 pieces globaly. There are 14 fabric patterns to pick from, including patterns with pinstripes in yellow-gold, white-gold, or platinum string.



Most expensive suits in the world 2021
WORLD WOOD RECORD CHALLENGE CUP SUITS BY LORO PIANA is one the most expensive suits in the world

In 2012, the late Sergio Loro Piana and his brother, Luigi, organized a suit-making contest in Australia named the World Wood Record Challenge Cup, and one winner was picked. It was Susanna Triplett.

The Australian woman created and designed this extravagant suit from the top-quality fiber. Each string of the wool is only 11-micron broad in diameter. Sergio and Luigi loved both the suit’s material and composition. Then, they made fifty of these outfits and marketed them under Loro Piana brand for $28,000 each.


  1. #11 ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA BESPOKE SUIT – US$22,000-$28,000


ERMENEGILDO ZEGNA BESPOKE SUIT is one the most expensive suits in the world
  1. #12 William Fioravanti Bespoke Suits $22,000

Most expensive suits in the world 2021
William Fioravanti Bespoke Suits is one the most expensive suits in the world

Willian Fioravanti recognizes his suits, being the President of America’s Custom Tailors Designers Association suit should be your pick. He is truly the creator of the “Power Look” suit. The label has been accepted for the Academy of Master Tailors and has got the Golden Scissor honors. You need to get approval to even visit them. A bespoke suit, produced by Fioravanti himself will fetch you more than $20,000.


  1. #13 Brooks Brothers Custom Suit – $14,500

Brooks Brothers Custom Suit
Custom Suit is one the most expensive suits in the world

Brooks Brothers is an all-American style traditional men’s fashion brand that was established in 1818. A Brooks Brothers ready to wear prices several hundred dollars. A customized piece will take almost 6 months to be produced, but the craftsmanship shall be par perfection. Their custom suits are made of a rare luxurious mixture of super 200s merino fleece (the finest!) and Mongolian cashmere.


  1. #14 Dormeuil Suit with Gold and Platinum Thread – $32,565


Dormeuil has been in this industry for almost two centuries since 1842. They have been tailoring apparel for Royal families, celebrities, and even emperors. That alone makes the brand’s outfits more expensive than others accessible out there. Jules Dormeuil began this business when he was only 22 years of age. It was first established in Paris, France. But the materials they used to make their most expensive outfits back then were shipped from England. The use of gold and platinum thread in both the stitching and the stuff, adds a portion of novelty to this outfit. 


  1. #15 Canali – $4,200

Canali is one the most expensive suits in the world

Giacomo and Giovanni Canali built their company, specializing in men’s apparel, in 1934. The Brioni Group acquired Canali in 1993 and they were, in turn, acquired out by the Kering Group in 2011. They still sell across the earth and their most expensive outfit is priced at $4,200.


  1. #16 Bottega Veneta – $3,800

Bottega Veneta
Bottega Veneta is one the most expensive suits in the world

Although this company is bette recognized for its leather stuff. An apparel from Bottega Veneta is valued at $3,800. They are also remembered for producing garments that bear no logo and they first held a menswear style show in 2006. This is the most affordable and cheapest of the most expensive suits.

Why these suits are so expensive?

Fit. Presentation. Strength. Service.

The big one is fit. Cheaper clothes are generally made to provide for the most extended possible variety of body frames. While some people are fortunate enough to fit into these around perfectly, a large proportion of consumers are not well fitted to them. Deluxe suits come in some more intricate measurements and fit so that it needs least tailoring. If you’re looking at very expensive suits, then made-to-fit or even bespoke suits are going to suit you flawlessly.


Presentation. This links slightly to fit, but more so regards the substance used. As opposed to fleece or linen, they are made of poorer stuff such as polyester. We can recognize a hundred dollar jacket right off the bat only by glancing at how the light affects it. There are also other signs, such as buttons and vents.


Regarding the stuff again, a pricier outfit is going to serve you ten+ years, if cared for properly – perhaps a lifetime. 


Service. Usually not a point to raise, but we think its important. When you buy a new outfit, you anticipate excellent customer service. Expensive outfits from boutique stores and tailored clothes offer some of the best customer services. It makes the experience pleasant and lowers the monetary blow of such an investment. 


21 Essential Rules Before Buying A Suit


  1. It needs to be bespoke or, at very the least, made-to-measure (MTM).
  2. It has to be blue. Definitely a navy blue.
  3. The material has to be in a super 100 worsted wool or above.
  4. The form has to be two-button,
  5. The blazer must be double-vented.
  6. The blazer must meet your backside but certainly no longer.
  7. The front of the coat should drop at your inner groin when standing.
  8. The blazer sleeves must, when standing with your arms at your side, be no extended than the link between your hand and your forearm.
  9. The arms of your blazer should be fitted not baggy.
  10. The sizing of your blazer should be fitted but not too tight to the body.
  11. The slacks should be flat-fronted not pleated.
  12. The slacks should not have turn-ups.
  13. The end of the pants should, when standing upright, be reaching the tops of your shoes but there should be no folds or excess material bunched at the top.
  14. The trousers should be narrowed but not skinny fit.
  15. The pockets, vertical or slanted are your choice.
  16. The cuff-buttons should be working buttons.
  17. Be held on the lining color.
  18. The lapel width. Get one that is traditional.
  19. The left lapel should have a pocket for a flower.
  20. Make certain you go in for at least one fitting.
  21. At the final fitting, again, make certain that all of the above commands are observed.


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