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14 Best Shaving Creams for Men 2021

Published on

July 22, 2021


Alice Choi

Men have been shaving with cream for ages, although the method has significantly evolved during that time. No matter what blade you use, the shaving lotion often makes the difference in overall experience and results. Since so many men are doing it themselves, they will need to know what choices are available.

Much like skincare, it’s helpful to pay consideration to ingredients and formula. Not all shaving foams are made the same, and results will differ. Hopefully, this list can make your quest a little more comfortable. And you’ll be acknowledging us; once you find the best shaving cream for you, it’ll change your grooming method for the better.
Here are our recommendations for the best shaving creams for men.

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#1 Thick & Rich Original Shaving Foam

Thick and rich is one of the best shaving creams available.


It’s no overstatement to say Barbasol is a bona fide American symbol. It’s right there in the company’s strong, unabashed red, white, and blue branding and in its history as a go-to shaving name for generations of newly bearded men. Your father probably used Barbasol’s shaving foam at some point, as did his dad before him. Sure, the company’s products might not be the most superior out there, but they’re still here, still made in the US, and still popular.

#2 Classic Shave Foam

2. Cremo
Cremo is one of the best shaving creams available

Suppose you’re looking for a shaving cream that will be generally available anywhere you are. In that case, Cremo’s variety of choices is an excellent place to begin. At this point, the company markets more than a few different types, including slightly different components. However, the OG formula is still one of the most reliable.


#3 Original Shave Cream

3. bulldog
Bulldog is one of the best shaving creams available

Bulldog’s shaving foam helps prevent blade burn and decreases the chances of annoyance through a carefully selected blend of organic elements—including aloe and camelina oil—that aid in relieving the skin pre-shave.


#4 Pure Shave Foam

4 gilette
Pure is one of the best shaving creams available

Gillette didn’t become one of the most prominent brands in the grooming competition overnight. The company gradually built out its empire by consistently producing goods that check all the boxes without breaking them. Its aloe-infused Pure shaving foam is entirely paraben-free. It is specially created to protect sensitive skin against irritability, leaving your face appearing super soft post-shave.


#5 Refresh Shaving Cream

5 proraso
Proraso is one of the best shaving creams available

Proraso is iconic among hairdressers and amateur grooming lovers alike for its 100-plus years of shaving expertise history. The Italian company has competed for a minute. Its trademark shaving foam, featuring a mix of elements like glycerin and lactic liquid, is still a continuing fan favorite—and the gold standard—after all these years.


#6 Hydro-Glaze Cooling Aloe Shave Gel

6. frederickbenjamin
Hydro-Glaze is one of the best shaving creams available.

If you’re looking to fashion up your facial hair instead of going for an immaculate trim, sometimes the foaminess of conventional shaving foams can screw with your lines. That’s where this gel—natural and leather-free—comes into the fold. You can accurately trim what needs to be scraped with total clarity, and your blade will slide effortlessly over your surface.


#7 Mollé Brushless Shave Cream

Lucky Tiger is one of the best shaving creams available.

Lucky Tiger’s packaging might be deceptively lo-fi, but don’t get it spun: The beloved company has been serving guys get dressed up with ease since the ’30s. Its shaving foam is still one of the most reliable on the market. The company’s brushless shave foam includes mineral oil and lanolin to limit the stuff from draining out on your mid-shave and foams on as smoothly as promised for an all-around easy shaving encounter.


#8 Shave Foam

8 - Bezel
Bevel is one of the best shaving creams available

Bevel’s rich shave foam is rich in aloe vera, shea butter, and comfrey essence. All elements are meant to moisturize and preserve your skin. That layer of the shield means you’ll be protected from cuts and blade bumps, which is a big thing. And, bonus: It also guarantees your face will feel fabulous after your shave.


#9 Clean Shave Hydrating Gel Cream
A clean shave is one of the best shaving creams available.

Doubtful of whether to spring for shaving foam or invest in its somewhat lesser-known relative, the shaving gel? Boy, have we got the best option for you. Vaughn breaks the difference in forming a gel/cream hybrid that combines the best of both worlds to significant impact. Its Hydrating Gel Cream gives a rich foam and a comfortable trim by supplying your skin with vitamin E and your snouts with the delightful fragrance of basil, lime, and eucalyptus.


#10 Ultimate Brushless Shave Foam

Kiehls is one of the best shaving creams available

Kiehl’s has become a grooming go-to for savvy lads almost new to the game, but the label has been around for well over a century, and its history shows. Its unscented shaving lotion was created explicitly for dudes with delicate skin in mind. It performs as smooth a trim as plausible sans any needless irritation.


#11 Vitamin E Shaving Cream

Malin is one of the best shaving creams available

Malin + Goetz’s shaving foam also comes imbued with a healthy splash of vitamin E to help guarantee a smooth trim. Along with a much-needed shot of menthol and shea butter to chill and soothe your surface once you’re done cleaning up. 

#12 Sandalwood Shaving Foam
Sandalwood is one of the best shaving creams available.

The aptly named Art of Shaving promotes the everyday grooming regimens of lads worldwide to an art form. Its shaving foam is no different. This one is somewhat pricier than others added on the list, but it’ll endure—it’s super dense. It foams easily, so you should be set using a tiny amount each time you trim. It also includes a mix of components like glycerin and coconut formula to hydrate the surface (and the subtle smell of sandalwood for good measure).


#13 Supreme Foam

Jack Black is one of the best shaving creams available

Jack Black’s shaving cream ensures your skin some much-needed cushioning to reduce sensitivity and reduce any unexpected nicks and injuries mid-shave. The brand’s mixture of natural oils aids keeps your skin hydrated and relaxed. At the same time, you trim, all while securing moisture for optimal effects.


#14 Shaving Cream
Le Labo is one of the best shaving creams available.

It should come as no shock that the grooming lords at Le Labo are also responsible for one of the best-smelling shaving foam on the market. The perfumery of selection for seeking aesthetes of a specific kind offers a plant-based paste. That includes chamomile and sage for a comfortable, creamy foam intact with mild hints of lavender. Shaving never scented so luxe.

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